Founder of Weather Channel blasts total fraud of climate change: Science fraud run by the Left

John Coleman, the outspoken retired weatherman who founded the Weather Channel, thinks global warming is a bunch of “silliness” and he doesn’t care who disagrees with him.

In an interview with, the lively Coleman said that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Climate Action Plan turned his stomach. He said, “I think he saw money and power, and I don’t know what else he thought of it. I can’t believe he really [felt he] was going to save the city from some terrible fate.” He added that he felt San Diego is not going underwater in his lifetime or that of his children.

The 82-year-old also derided the tsunami warning route signs found throughout the city, saying that the odds of a major tsunami striking Southern California are roughly the same as that of a flying saucer landing in Lindbergh field.

He says that “Algorian” scientists have been fudging data and accepting billions of dollars worth of research grants from the government in order to be financially comfortable and advance their careers. He feels global warming should be a scientific issue rather an a political one, as people like Al Gore continue to watch their fortunes rise thanks to the global warming scam.

In fact, Gore himself has seen his fortune grow from $2 million in 2001 to an incredible $100 million in 2016 due mainly to his investments in “green tech” businesses. Coleman called Al Gore’s global warming alarmist documentary An Inconvenient Truth a “scientific monstrosity” and said he was happy that his latest movie has not been too successful.

Responding to those who have dismissed his opinion as nonsense, he said: “I’m just a dumb old skeptic — a denier as they call me — who ought to be jailed or put to death. I understand how they feel. But you know something? I know I’m right. So I don’t care.”

Silencing dissenters

Those who are getting rich off of the climate change hoax do not want his voice to be heard and often go out of their way to dispute his comments. Even though he does concede that the earth is getting warmer, he feels this is all due to natural events rather than manmade causes. He said this is also what the commonly quoted “97 percent of scientists” who believe in global warming is actually referring to – the percentage of scientists who believe that the earth is warming.

“You’ve had Ice Ages and glacial periods, warm spells, one after another, cycling back and forth,” he says. “And certainly man didn’t cause any of them. They’re all natural events.”

He also spoke of the time a CBS production company asked to interview him for an hour-long TV special. He says they held conversations and scheduled the interview, but they called to cancel two days prior to the shoot, providing very little in the way of explanation. He said when he asked why it was canceled so abruptly, he was told, “Well, you know.” He says that sort of thing happens to him all the time.

Earlier this year, Coleman told CNN there was no scientific consensus on global warming. He said that there is as much as $2.5 billion in government climate science research funding available each year, and climate scientists who want to get their hands on that money need to come out in favor of the global warming position.

He also pointed to a petition that has been signed by more than 31,000 scientists stating that there is “no convincing scientific evidence” the human release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane is causing a catastrophic heating of our atmosphere and disrupting the planet’s climate.

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